One of the important projects carried out in close cooperation directly with the National Library of the Czech Republic is the Manuscriptorium – a database providing access to tens of thousands of bibliographic records of historical documents and hundreds of full digital copies of these documents (a total of more than 700,000 images).  The Manuscriptorium is an exceptional project on the European scale: it uses advanced and independent technologies to gather related data from various sources and then make them accessible. Therefore, it is a partner of numerous European institutions and major projects of related fields.

Within the project Memoriae Mundi Series Bohemica, the company AiP Beroun digitised historical documents, archived them and made them accessible. This project was one of the only two positively evaluated projects from UNESCO’s extensive programme Memory of the World. Some methodologies developed by AiP Beroun were subsequently accepted by UNESCO as recommendations for this programme.

Within the LPIS 6 project of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the company AiP Beroun carries out work for dozens of libraries, museums and archives of the CR.

Our experience in the area of the digitisation of historical collections and making them accessible is taken advantage of in numerous European projects. We were the technical coordinator of the EU project called ENRICH. It was a project of twenty significant European memory institutions with the aim of gathering the digitised material available and creating, on the platform of the Manuscriptorium, the most important European digital library in the area of historical collections. The project was coordinated by the National Library of the CR. We are currently involved, again as a technical partner, in the project called ETNOFOLK, which deals with the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of folk culture in Central Europe. The project is coordinated by the Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the CR.

The outcomes of the work of our company are often subsequently used in pilot projects. It has been confirmed in the long term that AiP Beroun is able to find the optimal solutions. We promote innovative solutions but also utilise the existing solutions if we see that they are the best.